Wednesday, December 21, 2005

THIS is torture

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...The prosecution's first witness Wednesday was a man who testified
aboutkillings and torture in Dujail after the attempt to assassinate Saddam.
AliHassan Mohammed al-Haidari, who was 14 in 1982...Al-Haidari... testified that
seven of his brothers were executed by Saddam's regime and their bodies have not
been found.Al-Haidari said that he and other residents from Dujail — including
family members — were taken to Baghdad and thrown into a security services
prison, where people from "9 to 90" were held. Blood poured from head wounds and
skin was pale from electric shocks, he testified. Security officials woulddrip
melted plastic hoses on detainees, only to pull it off after it cooled,tearing
skin off with it, he said."I cannot express all that suffering andpain we faced
in the 70 days inside," he said.

This is torture. Not extreme temperatures. Not humiliation. Not loud music. Not hoods over the head or empty threats. Not cold food. Not "water-boarding". Not insults. Not yelling at the prisoners. Not disrespecting their crutch of a religion. Even if none of that ever happened - do we care? Should we care?


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